Annual Letter from the italian Collettivo Autistici/Inventati

As we live in areas of the world that are not affected by major humanitarian crises, it has been another year without any particular problem for the services we offer.


Text: Autistici-Inventati

# Stop the killing, stop the wall

We cannot help but start from Palestine, where reclaiming the right to the
self-defense for a rich state against an open-air prison seems to be the
mantra capable of giving international legitimacy to the actions of a bloody
apartheid regime.


First of all we feel the need to express solidarity for all the human lives
lost in what the media (wrongly) call »war«.


In our opinion this is not a war, but in many aspects something much more
brutal, not so much for the chilling methods of action which transcend even
the rules of war, but mostly for the ferocity and accumulated desperation that have lead to this negative evolution.


We are now accustomed to a reality in which is normal for millions of people to live physically separated by a wall from everything that any society considers to be taken for granted for its citizens. Israel is not a normal state. A wall is denied dignity, not only on the political plan (palestinians are not even recognized a nationality or a passport) but especially in terms of resources, given that the wall has always also controlled the access to economic prosperity, jobs, health services, and to any prospect of stability, which instead abound for those who live beyond the wall. And although this similarly happens elsewhere, having the wrong name, the wrong address, the wrong cultural background or the wrong skin color, in Palestine this completely precludes access to any form of human dignity. Although this situation has very specific historical origins, in our opinion it is representative of a reality common to many other places in the world today, and despite being in form and substance an exceptional situation, Palestine is in some way, even for many people who do not live in Palestine, the symbol and extreme representation of a shared and well-known problem. We have always supported the revolts, especially when the one to rebel is the weakest, and even if we would like it to be considered for what it is, that is, another war between the rich and poor, in the face of what is happening we can only express anger and solidarity, hoping that all obliterations of all human lives will cease as soon as possible.


# Orange Book 2

Orange Book 2: A grimoire for creating and maintaining a network of servers for hacking and politics


Second volume of »how we do things and why«, now also translated into English.


How does work? And above all, why does it work in a this
specific way? The purpose of this document is to examine in detail both the technical architecture behind Autistici/Inventati since 2019 and the choices that determined it. At the same time, as well as the description of a state of art, this is also a story, a positive example, we believe, of a complex transition. Print it, read it, distribute it, spread the word and if you like… write to us as well! […]


# Donate

Finally, remember that the end of the year is near, make a donation if you
can, so that AI can continue to exist exclusively on the basis of voluntary
donations. We have been here for more than twenty years now! Say hallo to
those who do not believe mutual aid is a feasible model. Make us a present.


Stay human

The Autistici-Inventati collective