With you Helala

Green and white are the colors of the traditional Moroccan club Kénitra Athletic Club – Kénitra AC or KAC for short – from the city of the same name in the northwest of the country.


The football club won the championship four times, the national cup once and was founded 86 years ago for Moroccan players. Today the KAC plays in a fairly modern stadium, but temporary in a lower class again.


The club’s ultras, on the other hand, are anything but lower class. With their alert, enlightened and critical mind, which sets them miles apart from the mainstream of all pseudo-intellects, courtiers and remote-controlled people, they sing about freedom, passion and resistance against the oppressors in an anthem for all real football fans worldwide. And the emphasis here is on »real« ones and not on constant claps.


This is how they live and understand the subculture of the football scene in contrast to the unculture of football commerce. It sounds like this by the brothers of the Helala Ultras, who were apparently banned from attending their team’s games because otherwise »the stadium may fall apart« and deserves not only respect and solidarity, but also dissemination and imitation:


»This is a song for all Ultras around the world

And all people who has been forbidden from freedom

This message is for the police and for the government

From its injustice, we`re already fed up

Only the Lord is our witness

In every week there are big parties in the Curve

Tifos, pyrotechnics and banners

Messages that tell the truth

The truth

Our ideas here have no limits

Every day you call us criminals

They accuse us, they hold us as a prize

The media, society and government

We hate you all, we`re ready for war

Now, study the story and learn what lies between the lines

From the handcuffed in the stadium to the imprisoned

They create fake news and accuse us of violence

In tears, my mother didn`t sleep yesterday

I`m sorry mom, but your son is oppressed

In my country, I`m living like hell

In this country, the Ultras spirit they never understood

The more they try to stop us, the stronger we become

They made the 09/09 (law against the Ultras) so disgusting, you call that a law

Fucking law, they will never control us

We know our rights and we will never be silent

On corruption and authoritarianism, we will always speak

Helala, Helala, come on come on

We will do everything to ensure freedom

This song will stay in your head

Never try to stop or be against my passion

Because my anger is the weapon against repression independance and freedom for Ultras

We love the »Green and White« unconditionally

We will be with you, in life and in death

I`ve been with you for days, months and years

I will never leave you, I say this with pride

Since childhood I love you like crazy

I sing with joy and flares in my hands

With the balaclava and the green in my eyes

Turn on the flash and take a picture of me

A crazy fan who loves freedom

Finally, you have to open your mind

Our God is great, our God is great

He will protect us from the oppressors

Our God is great, our God is great

Please God, protect us from the oppressors

Always protect us

Here we are ready for the war

We don`t fear anyone and nobody can control us

We will never be what they want us to be

We are not puppets to play at any time

With the green I can have a beautiful live

With my brothers, we`ll be in good and bad times with you

This is the lifestyle I want to have

As an honor, crazy and different

This is the end you will see again

Our God is great, our God is great

He will protect us from the oppressors«